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things that gain from disorder

by nassim taleb

Why do some systems crumble under stress when others thrive? Nassim Taleb is a statistician and he coined the term antifragile. Antifragile are people and systems that learn to thrive in chaos. That surely describes the life of a teacher.  


"Some parts on the inside of a system may be required to be fragile in order to make the system antifragile."

thirty million words

building a child's brain

by dana suskind

The most important thing we can do for our children is to have conversations with them. 


"the heartbeat of brain development is a baby's relationship with a caring, responsive adult."


the book of joy

lasting happiness in 

a changing world

by dalai lama & desmond tutu

Two inspirational leaders sit down for a candid conversation about the human condition.  The talk about what it means to live a joyous life.

book of joy cover.jpg

"i learned that courage is not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it."

desmond tutu


creativity, inc.

overcoming the unseen

forces that stand in the

way of true inspiration

by ed catmull

One of the founders of Pixar shares the trials and tribulations of one the world's most creative organizations. What does it take to foster creativity.


"craft is what we are expected to know; art is the unexpected use of our craft."

ed catmull


the infinite game

by simon sinek

The author of Start With Why, Simon SInek explores what it means to play an infinite game. Infinite games are not won or lost by a score but by how you play them. 


"infinite game people believe in something bigger than themselves".


smart cities

the work for everyone

by tom vander ark​

As the majority of the world's population becomes urban, cities must become centers of learning for young and old. Every person, organization and region needs to get smart - to skill up, learn more and build new capacities faster and cheaper than ever.

"helping teacher leaders come to understand their gifts is the first step in developing a speciality".



How today's entrepreneurs use continuous innovation to create radically successful businesses

by eric ries

The Lean Starup approach fosters companies that are more capital efficient and that leverage human creativity more effectively.


"the only way to win is to learn faster than everyone else."


the elephant in the classroom

by nick esposito

A cartoon fable for educators. This book is based off of real teachers with real stories. Their trials and tribulations illuminate the thing that can help teachers with self care; purpose.


"Teachers are not in the business of changing the world. they are in the business of changing dozens of worlds at a time."