Tinker Like An Entrepreneur

You may not consider yourself an entrepreneur. You may not think that you are worthy of such an exciting title. Often when we think about entrepreneurs we think of Silicon Valley or Shark Tank. But every day in our nation's classrooms teachers are reinventing the future. In today's episode we speak directly to that innovated side of all of us. We will discuss strategies that the most successful entrepreneurs use and how we can use them in the classroom.

Class Notes:

  1. Teachers are entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs are people who solve innovative problems through innovative solutions.

  2. Success doesn't happen overnight. It is only after a series of experiments and opportunities to learn.

  3. Most people fail because they take a conventional approach to learning and growing.

  4. Failure is only failure if we don't learn from it.

  5. We need to fail early and often. Failing is just information.

  6. With this information we can either GIVE UP, PIVOT or PERSEVERE.