The Perfect Effort with Michael Bobich

It is tough to give that extra effort all of the time. Teachers and coaches always say, 'You need to give 110%!' But the truth is that is impossible, or at least it is all of the time. Eventually your 110% becomes your 100% and it does at your own detriment and burnout. That's why the goal is not giving the most effort, it is about giving the perfect effort. We can give a perfect effort through compassion, commitment, and community. Today we are joined by best friend, Michael Bobich. His life as a marketing whiz and dad extraordinaire has given him ever changing perspectives on what it means to give a perfect effort. This episode will pair greatly with Season 1 - Episode 7. That episode told the story of Coach Bob Ladouceur and the De La Salle high school football team. Michael was a student of Coach Lad and has fun things to say about his time in his class. It is time to Stay After Class with Michael Bobich.