The Hero's Journey

Teachers are heroes! We hear that a lot these days. But it is important for all of us to realize that heroes aren't heroes until they become heroes. That means that there are moments when we aren't heroic. We have to develop and grow into something greater. Some of those moments are scary and others are inspiring. Either way, it is the journey that makes teaching worth it. This episode is the culmination of our time together during our first season. This is the season one finale of The Elephant in the Classroom!

Season 2 is already in production and will premier this August! In the meantime, come back for the next 8 weeks as I sit down with educators to discuss the themes of Season 1.

Class Notes:

  1. A hero's journey begins where they are. This gives us an opportunity to measure our growth.

  2. Hero's are then given the cal to adventure. It is a moment that disrupts everything. It is the point at which nothing will ever be the same again.

  3. We are not always ready to accept the call. Life doesn't happen to us - we must choose to accept it and take a step up and forward.

  4. The mentor then comes into our lives and guide us through our new world.

  5. We enter the new world. We try to survive and learn as much as possible.

  6. The hero then faces a number of trials and tribulations. We are introduced to our villain - they strike at our greatest weakness.

  7. We then enter the innermost cave. This is the moment that tests what we have learned. We will either survive as better versions of ourselves or perish. The hero transitions from being passive to active.

  8. The toughest test - face the villain and your greatest fear. This is where we demonstrator our growth.

  9. After victory is achieved the hero gets to enjoy the reward. Celebrate victories big and small.

  10. On the hero's journey home they are able to see the growth that they have made. They get to begin the healing process from the scars of the journey. They get to share what they have learned with others. The come back home...changed.