Sparking Joy

As we begin to dream about what a post-pandemic classroom can look like the thing that we must build at the center of every classroom is joy. A joy of teaching and a joy of learning. A joy of belonging and discovery, challenge and triumph.

Back in 2016, two faith leaders, the Dalai Lama and Archbishop Desmond Tutu came together for a week of friendship and important conversations. Out of everything these two men could have discussed they decided to spend an entire week talking about the true nature of joy. Coming from different perspectives the two explored joy in a new way. What does it take to find joy? What are some roadblocks to it? There conversations made it into the book, The Book of Joy.

Today we explore their conversation through the lens of a teacher. Teachers have the power to bring joy into their classrooms everyday. Joy is something to grow and cultivate. It isn't always easy, especially when times get hard. But it is the fight worth fighting.