Rally Around A Just Cause

Both teachers and students seek to be inspired. They want their work to mean something...to advance something. Our time in the classroom should do just that. We must be purposeful in the way we support that very human desire. Author and optimist, Simon Sinek's most recent book Infinite Game provides insight into how we can rally others to a just cause.

Class Notes:

  1. A just cause is NOT your purpose. Your purpose is your origin story and it is rooted in the past (important but not what we're talking about here).

  2. Instead a just cause is your vision for a future that you are willing to work and sacrifice for.

  3. Your just cause must be actionable, inspirational and specific.

  4. Make your just cause public so that everyone can internalize it. When people internalize it, they can make it their own.

  5. Every just cause must be....

  6. For something - it is easy to be against things, but it doesn't last. Being FOR things inspires people.

  7. Inclusive - everyone who wants to contribute should be welcomed.

  8. Service Oriented - a just cause's energy is outward towards others.

  9. Must Endure - it endures through challenges

  10. Big, Idealistic and Unattainable - a true just cause can never be attained. It is something that we will always be in pursuit of.