It's Okay to Be Funny

In order for our classrooms to be places of purpose they need to be places of learning. And in order for them to be places of learning they need to be quite places, still places and controlled places. Right? Wrong! It may be easier when our classrooms are quiet. But quiet doesn't always mean behaved or productive. That's why we need to find new and fun ways to engage our students in the classroom. We need to start taking humor more seriously. Today we jump into the world of Seinfeld for some lessons on how to be funny.

Class Notes:

  1. Humor creates positive climates

  2. It builds a bridge between our heads and hearts.

  3. Humor improves student retention and understanding.

  4. Humor melts stress among teachers AND students.

  5. It is a way to help everyone feel apart of the community.

If Seinfeld characters were teachers