Healthy Positivity

Toxic positivity is a big time buzz word these days. Toxic positivity is the act of glossing over problems in order to see the brighter side of things. We hope that if we don't pay attention to the problem that things will naturally get better. But when we do that we minimize the trauma that people are going through. This leads to people checking out and feeling resentful of their leaders. They don't feel safe and taken care of. At the same time there is a toxic negativity that we have to be aware of. Our negativity and cynicism sucks the energy out of the room. What is the purpose of it? Once we lose that purpose the negativity becomes toxic, our 'advice' becomes misguided. Today we analyze the new hit show, Ted Lasso. Ted is an American football coach attempting to become a European Soccer coach. It is a funny premise that provides the opportunity for audiences to explore a wonderful, heartwarming and enduring thesis, what if we lean into healthy positivity.