Give A Perfect Effort

Teachers often fall victim to the fallacy that the best teacher is the most stressed out teacher. However there is a different between the most effort and the consistent effort, the rushed effort and the perfect effort. Coach Bob Ladouceur is arguably the most successful coach in the history of high school football. His De La Salle Spartans won 151 consecutive games from 1992 to 2004. When asked about the source of his team success he responds with, "we give a perfect effort". During this episode we tell the story of the Spartans and discuss ways for teachers to give a perfect effort through compassion, community, commitment and excellence.

Class Notes:

  1. There is a lot of pressure to be perfect.

  2. If perfection is our goal we will live very unfulfilled lives.

  3. Perfect classrooms, lesson plans and constant progress should not be goals but rather byproducts of something far more valuable.

  4. We can't just demand perfection we must empower others to give a perfect effort.

  5. We make the mistake that the most effort is the best effort.

  6. Teachers have a finite amount of energy.

  7. We must use the energy we do have to maximize the things that make us great.

  8. Give a perfect effort through compassion.

  9. Give a perfect effort through excellence.

  10. Give a perfect effort through commitment.

  11. Give a perfect effort through community.