Foster Responsibility

Every teacher dreams of working in a classroom of purpose. We dream of a classroom in which every one of our students come to learn, have fun and be themselves. But how do we get there? We need to meet our students where they are, and challenge them to grow. In order for us to accomplish these things we need foster a sense of responsibility in each one of our students. They need to feel like who they are, and what they do...matters. They will begin to believe that they have something to offer, something to contribute and that their presence makes the classroom a better place to be. Today, we dive into the Marvel Cinematic Universe to analyze the ways we can build classrooms of purpose. Avengers Assemble! This is the Elephant in the Classroom!

Class Notes:

  1. Classrooms are places where people come together to make one another better.

  2. In order to make that time together worth it, everyone must feel a sense of responsibility and accountability to the group.

  3. People need to feel as if they can be depended on.

  4. We need to meet our students where they are.

  5. We must challenge them.

  6. Responsibility means questioning yourself.

  7. Responsibility must transfer from teacher to student.

  8. Our students have to make the decision for themselves.