Empower Others

What happens when we feel like we capture our purpose? I mean what happens when we finally do it? Our mindset must shift from the pursuit to the protection. The number one way that we can protect our purpose is to empower others to share in it. Today we head to the New Belgium Brewing Company who have built their business around the idea of empowerment. This is The Elephant in the Classroom.

Class Notes:

  1. When we find fulfillment we must switch our focus from the pursuit of purpose to its protection.

  2. The best way we can sustain our purpose by empowering others to pursue their own.

  3. We must provide the structure to support our students search for fulfillment.

  4. Celebrate the victories.

  5. Show them you care.

  6. Open the book to give people a chance to grow.

  7. Give students ownership of the group.