Cultivate Consistency

We all have good days, we all have bad days, it is what we do with the other days that counts. The truth is that we are who we are everyday. Therefore as we try to make our classrooms places of learning, purpose and fulfillment we need to pay attention to who we are and what we do every day...not each day but every day. In a classroom, we can tame the chaos with consistency. Today we learn about the founding of McDonald's whose speedy system revolutionized the dining industry. This is The Elephant in the Classroom!

Class Notes:

  1. Be consistent with your mood.

  2. The more consistent that we are the more our students can relax and grow.

  3. Let the easy things stay consistent (systems and expectations).

  4. Obstacles to consistency

  5. Patience! Solutions take time work.

  6. Avoid the absolute mindset (all or nothing)!

  7. Be aware of the importance of consistency.

  8. Consistency builds momentum.

  9. Be kind to yourself when things don't work out right away.