Create As A Class

Adversity is around every corner in the classroom. One of the ways to build moment as a class is to CREATE as a class. When we create as a class we naturally find ways for everyone to contribute, feel a sense of responsibility and seek fulfillment. Holocaust survivor, Henri Landwirth took the darkest moment of his life to make a promise to the world. He promised to give children the childhood that he never had. In conjunction with the Make a Wish Foundation, Henri built a storybook resort in Central Florida for every child who chose to visit Disney World with their wish. One week at a time Henri helped grant the wish of thousands of children.

Class Notes:

  1. From pain and challenges come an opportunity to create something new and beautiful.

  2. We must use our talents and passions to create something. We can't sit on our passions and talents. If we do, passion withers and talent fades away.

  3. When groups create things together they find a sense of belonging.

  4. It helps everyone contribute to something bigger than ourselves.

Some photos from our service trips!

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