Connect Through Storytelling

There are many things about class that can be scary. Storytelling...should not be one of them. Teachers wear many different hats in the classroom. One that is often overlooked is our role of entertainer. Our students love playing video games, streaming shows and going to concerts. Why don't they enjoy class time in the same manner? Well, those are entertaining and class is often...not. Today we are going to dive into the storytelling techniques of Alfred Hitchcock , the Master of Suspense, that we can use in the classroom to engage our students until the very end. This is the Elephant in the Classroom.

Class Notes:

  1. Storytelling brings your lessons to life.

  2. Stories connect our students to the material.

  3. The Bomb Under the Table - we must activate our audience.

  4. Defy your students expectations - keep them on their toes.

  5. You are only allowed one coincidence - coincidences let your students off of the hook. It takes the learning out of their control.