Build a Culture of Purpose

Having a great class doesn't happen by accident and it isn't luck. There are 3 human needs that everyone must feel in order for them to feel fulfilled. When those 3 needs are present, both teachers and students are able to relax and truly enjoy their time in the classroom. At the height of the Cold War the Soviet Union hockey team was the most feared team in the world. But despite an unprecedented level of success the Soviet players were left feeling unfulfilled. With some help the Russian players were able to defect and find a home playing for the National Hockey League. The Detroit Redwings brought them all together to form what history would call the Russian Five. The NHL has never been the same again.

Class Notes:

  1. Teachers must prepare strategies that will keep them and their students happy and healthy.

  2. This will empower our students to seek fulfillment in the classroom. Teachers know that this important but they don't often take the time to plan it out like they do everything else.

  3. Self Determination Theory (SDT) suggests that there are three things that people need to feel fulfilled where they are.

  4. Competent - people need to feel like they are developing. They need to feel like they have skills that are valued.

  5. Authentic - people need to feel like themselves.

  6. Connected - people need to feel like they are apart of something bigger than themselves.

  7. The job of a great leader is to know your people well enough so that you can blend all of their unique contributions for the betterment of the group.