Address Your Mental Health

If you cut your finger what do you do? You probably put a band-aid on it. It is odd that we don't think to do the same when it comes to addressing our mental health. We often spend a lot of our energy trying to look okay instead of working to actually BE okay. Today we analyze the classic Disney movie, Mary Poppins as a source of guidance and inspiration to help teachers address their mental health. This is The Elephant in the Classroom!

Class Notes:

  1. We spend our time scrambling from one problem to the next. But if that is all we have time to do, when do we get to sit still, relax, be creative and find fulfillment.

  2. Your mental health is important!

  3. We need to be aware of the mental health issues that we are facing.

  4. The statistics of teacher mental health.

  5. The causes

  6. How those causes manifest themselves.

  7. You have to take your medicine (whatever that may be).

  8. Don't spend all of your time looking good and spend your energy trying to actually be good.

  9. Stress is contagious - so is kindness!

  10. Solutions don't always look the way that we expect them to. So we try to quit before we have a chance for the solution to work.