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Nick is an award-winning teacher on a mission to help teachers live and teach with purpose. His work answers two questions about do we find it? how can we protect it? These sessions and notes will help get you started. 

Nick's Work.

Studies show that people need three things to feel fulfilled.

These things must be our priorities when we are writing our lesson plans, setting up our rooms, communicating with students, and approaching our own days. Nick runs workshops and gives keynotes to help teachers incorporate purpose in the classroom.


Everyone is unique. They have a unique set of skills and passions. The goal must not be to change them to match our lessons but rather create lessons that empower them to explore them more deeply.


Everyone must feel like they have the ability to make a positive contribution to those around them. They must feel that they are valuable.  Education is a balance of pushing people to achieve more while showing them how far they have come.


Everyone must feel like who they are, and what they do matters.  Value is often derived by our relationships.  Creating a strong community must be our number one priority - even before we start Chapter 1.



Here are three examples of talks that Nick gives to teachers and school to promote purpose-based education. Reach out to bring Nick to your school for student-talks, teacher professional developments and conference keynotes!

The Pedagogy

of Purpose

Every teacher comes to the classroom for a reason. It is the thing that makes teachers special. Teachers have to build that purpose into the pedagogy that they use every day.

The Cradle 

of Infinity

A purpose is our vision for a world that does not yet exist. It is so special that we are willing to spend our lives in service to it. Our classrooms are places where we can rally our students to that just cause.

The Antifragile

Chaos is a part of life. Things will go wrong. Guaranteed. That fact wears teachers out. Since we can't avoid chaos what if prepared ourselves to use chaos to help us thrive. We can move beyond resiliency and become antifragile.