Good Guys


The Good Guys Agency

is a group of boys on a mission to discover the things that really matter...the things that can help them change the world! They learn by serving others and seeking the help of some of histories greatest heroes.

Better Boys for a Better World
The Adventure Begins
FALL 2021!


"Be Good."

It is a simple vision.  One that we preach to boys all of the time. But what does it mean? Does it mean to behave? To excel? If it is confusing to grownups imagine how vague that must sound to a child. Therefore children have to embark on a quest to find the meaning of this vision.  They use the world around them to decide what "being good" really means. 

"Be Good"

It is a simple vision. One that has many facets.  I started The Good Guys Agency book series to explore them.  As Lucky says, "There are all kinds of ways to be kind".  I want this series to show that there is no one way to be a boy.  And I hope that when boys decide the guy that they want to be, I hope that they choose to be a good one.  The boys learn by serving others and seeking the help of some of history's greatest heroes.  Armed with lessons learned, their exploration of what really matters leads them from a vision of 'Be Good' to a lifelong mission to


 'Do Good'.

"You've made this day
special by just your
being you." Mr. Rogers
"A life is not important except in the impact that is has on other lives."
Jackie Robinson
“One is only happy in proportion as he makes others feel happy.” 
Milton Hershey
"To Play without passion is inexcusable!" 
Ludwig van Beethoven
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For every book that we sell, we donate one to a child in need. Book for book. Child for child. It's our promise.




Kind Like Fred


Brave Like Jackie

Jackie Robinson was the first African American to break Major League Baseball's color barrier.  His bravery and commitment to social justice paved the way for others to do the same.


Sweet Like Milton

Milton Hershey was an American chocolatier and entrepreneur.  His hard work led to tremendous success.  Milton serves as an example of all of the good one can do with the success that they have.


Play On Like Ludwig

Ludwig van Beethoven is widely considered the most important composer of western music.  This title did not come easy and he serves as an example of what can be accomplished with perseverance.

Mr. Rogers was a calm and guiding presence to generations of children.  His simple yet powerful message of kindness echoed through homes all across the country.


Doing the right thing is an everyone thing.